Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tiny Blue Jays

Tiny Blue Jays painting by artist aaron kloss, blue jay painting, bird painting, bird nest painting, pointillism, minnesota landscape painting
"Tiny Blue Jays"  8"w x 8"h
Today's painting titled Tiny Blue Jays, is 8"w x 8"h and currently available at Your Art's Desire Gallery in Minnetonka, MN. This spring painting brought back some pleasant memories as I worked on it. One particular spring, I found a good deal on suet and set out several suet feeders for the birds as the winter had been harsh and the migratory birds were arriving to a frozen tundra and no food. I had blue jays, robins, goldfinch, starlings, and cedar waxings nesting all around my house, and in the mornings I would go outside later in the spring and hear what sounded like thousands of tiny feeble squeeks and squawks from freshly hatched chicks. The starlings stayed all summer, there had to be 30 chicks that would call for their parents to feed them all day. It was a season to remember for someone who loves birds. This week I'll feature spring bird paintings all week here, please stop back soon and think spring! -A

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