Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Song No. 3

Spring song no. 3 painting by artist aaron kloss, painting of a robin in spring sitting on a next, pointillism, contemporary landscape painting
"Spring Song No. 3"
Today's post is titled Spring Song No. 3, 5"w  7"h, and features a robin in her nest patiently waiting for the arrival of more robins. :) With the statewide snow we had here in Minnesota yesterday, the robins may have to wait for the green leaves a little while longer, but other birds have sure been active around my home lately. Finches and chickadees are fun to watch at the feeders, and the downy woodpecker that has taken residence in my porch column is busy banging away at any wooden object within striking distance. That's why I feed the birds, the activity, the songs, the life, birds have a way of brightening your day. Until you see a robin gobble down a nice juicy worm ... then you may feel a bit .. nauseous. ;)

This piece is part of my ongoing art show titled Landscapes at Amity Coffee, located at 
4429 E Superior St, Duluth, MN 55804.

Please email me ... aaronklossartwork [at symbol] ... if you're interested in this piece or to commission me for a custom painting, and please visit my website for more examples of my work and to purchase prints.

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