Thursday, March 17, 2016

Noisy Boys

Noisy Boys acrylic landscape painting by artist aaron kloss, aaron kloss painter, songbird painting, duluth art, duluth painter, painting of cardinals chickadees, sping
"Noisy Boys"
Today's post is a fun piece titled Noisy Boys which is a new acylic on 6"w x 18"h canvas. I've been listening for different birds when I'm outside lately, and by far the noisiest isn't the cardinal or chickadee like the ones in this painting, but the downy woodpecker. Every morning I find the downy chirping away and banging on the telephone pole. This silly woodpecker also hacked a hole in my front porch column and built a nest, strewing wood chips and other scraps of insulation, etc. all over my front steps. Since I love birds, I didn't mind the intrusion, or charge rent. But I'm enjoying the antics of the chickadees at the feeders and listening for the songs of the changing season .. and the sound of the noisy boys in the forest.

This piece is part of my ongoing art show titled Landscapes at Amity Coffee, located at 
4429 E Superior St, Duluth, MN 55804.

Please email me ... aaronklossartwork [at symbol] ... if you're interested in this piece or to commission me for a custom painting, and please visit my website for more examples of my work and to purchase prints.

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