Friday, March 18, 2016

Sparkling Spring Forest

Sparkling Spring Forest painting by artist aaron kloss, acrylic birch tree painting, north shore painting, spring painting, pointillism, duluth painter, duluth artist, amity coffee
"Sparkling Spring Forest"
Today's piece is titled Sparkling Spring Forest, and is acrylic on 8"w x 10"h canvas. While this painting features a vibrant spring birch forest, the likes of which you'll find all around Duluth, MN, this painting also tells another story. My son decided to make some homemade gift cards. He chose to use vibrant color as well, but he also chose to use glitter. And he chose to make his gift cards in my studio. And I think you know where this is heading .... he was very expressive you could say with his glitter project, and I've been cleaning and sweeping up glitter ever since. So if my work sparkles, hopefully it's the paint and not the glitter. :)

This piece is part of my ongoing art show titled Landscapes at Amity Coffee, located at 
4429 E Superior St, Duluth, MN 55804.

Please email me ... aaronklossartwork [at symbol] ... if you're interested in this piece or to commission me for a custom painting, and please visit my website for more examples of my work and to purchase prints.

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