Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunset Gorge

24"w x 12"h x 1.5"d, Acrylic on stretched canvas.
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I enjoyed painting this one. The lighting and composition beckon you (or dare you?) to walk across this frozen lake in the Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota and peek around the steep rocky bank. The sun is setting and casting some long blue shadows while three pine trees enjoy the vista.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winter Sentinel

Acrylic on canvas panel
8"w x 10"h

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I painted this tree growing on a rocky cliff with a specific location in mind. But since painting this tree, I've found many pines growing on top of cliffs and outcroppings in the area. Either the pines are trying to show how tough they are by growing on such a rugged surface, or the trees are trying to get a better view of the landscape. You decide. :) The sky in the background has a few thin clouds passing through as the last light of the day fades.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winter Berries

Acrylic on canvas panels (three 8"w x 10"h canvases totaling 24"w x 10"h)
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This is my first post and I thought it would be fit to share a painting that was inspired by the beautiful frozen landscape of Northern Minnesota. While some find Winter to be a bleak season, you can find color all around you if you just look for it. Winter berries hang on low growing branches for little birds like Chickadees to feast on during the winter, and in this colorful triptych, these shiny little berries are complemented by a rich frosty blue background.