Thursday, June 25, 2015

Gold Sky

Gold Sky, Birch Trees, Acrylic landscape painting, aaron kloss, duluth mn
"Gold Sky"  7"w x 5"h
Here's a happy little birch landscape featuring the color cadmium yellow lighting up the sky behind some bright birches and stones. It's hard to be in the studio today as the sun is shining and the birds are singing outside. I've been busy on a 48"wx48"h commmission which I'll post tomorrow. It's summer ... time to work hard and play hard. This piece is part of my show at the Art of Hair on First in Duluth now through September 2015.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Golden Autumn Lake

Golden Birches, Autumn Lake Painting, Aaron Kloss, Minnesota Landscape, Pointillism
"Golden Autumn Lake"  9"w x 12"h
Golden Autumn Lake is the title of this 9"w x 12"h landscape. It may be summer, but amongst all the vibrancy of the greens and blues I often paint the season that's near and dear to my heart ... Autumn. This little landscape offers the colors of the season in vibrant golds and complementary blues, with some stones scattered amongst the foreground enjoying the colorful golden display. I don't want time to fly too fast as summer is the time for making memories...This piece is part of my show at the Art of Hair in Duluth now through September 2015.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Night Sparkles

aaron kloss, acrylic ,night, moon, landscape, pointillism
"Night Sparkles"  12"w x 9"h
Who would have thought that descriptive words such as 'sparkling' 'bright' 'reflective' and 'bright' would be associated with night? But those are some words people have used to describe my night paintings that feature the moon and stars. This particular painting, titled Night Sparkles, also gets it's brightness from the foreground birches and rocks. With all the beautiful blues of the night skies and waters, I don't know why more artists aren't drawn to paint the nightscape. But I can't resist. Perhaps it's the shades of blues that make up my favorite color, or the mystery of the darkened landscape, or maybe it's just the night sparkles. This piece is part of my show at the Art of Hair in Duluth now through September 2015.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rocky Shoreline

"Rocky Shoreline"  9"w x 12"h
This is a new piece titled Rocky Shoreline, which is 9"w x 12"h. While I enjoy all the blues and greens of summer, it seems as though I can't work fast enough to paint the summer season before the leaves change color and the seasons change. I try to pack as much fun and activity into summer as I can, and some of that fun and activity includes works like this one featured today. This piece is quite simple in composition with the three birch trees and a rocky shoreline. But when you have rich blues and greens, you don't need a bunch of elements to cloud the composition ... you just need the vibrant blues and greens of the summer season. Add a hammock, a deck, a BBQ grill ... and maybe some mosquitos and you have all the ingredients of the summer season. :) This piece is part of a show titled Paintings & Prints at Art of Hair on First in Duluth, MN now through Sept. 2015. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Glowing Lighthouse

Duluth MN Lighthouse Painting, Siiviis Gallery, Aaron Kloss ARtwork
"Glowing Lighthouse"  10"w x 8"h
The latest of the lighthouses, this piece, titled Glowing Lighthouse, is 10"w x 8"h but packs quite a complementary colored punch. The lighthouse is backlit by a setting sun in the sky, sparkling in the waning hours of daylight. The lighthouse seems content to bask in the glow of the end of the day, enjoying the time of rest before the beacon is lit and the lighthouse guides small sailing vessels and thousand foot safely in and out of the Duluth harbor. Blue and gold ... my favorite colors. I was reading recently about color spectrums and I apparently can see all the colors, which means I have four cones in my eyes, making me able to see subtle shades of colors that the majority of people cannot. Makes me wonder if people appreciate the subtle hues of colors I add to my work. Well, perhaps I'll never know, but it's interesting to note that people that have four cones in their eyes don't like yellow, and I don't ever really wear yellow clothing, but I paint with yellow quite often. Most people have two or three color cones in their eyes. I'm not too skilled in the science behind the color cones ... I'm just content to paint pretty pictures on canvas with a singular brushstroke ... keeping it simple. And sunsets ... I love sunsets, and ... they are yellow. Please contact Siiviis Gallery for more information on this lighthouse which is located adjacent to the gallery in Canal Park. 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Light The Night

Light The Night, Canal Park, Duluth MN, Lighthouse, Aaron Kloss, Painting
"Light The Night"  8"w x 10"h
This little piece, titled Light The Night, features the same Canal Park lighthouse as yesterday, but with a silvery moon background for the lighthouse. This painting uses a limited color palette, but is very interesting with the backlit lighthouse on a cobalt blue sky. The intent is that the light is shining through the structure, as opposed to the lighthouse beacon casting the light as would be more normal. I do enjoy this subject and envision a larger piece along this theme in the near future. Please contact Siiviis Gallery for more information on this lighthouse which is located adjacent to the gallery in Canal Park. 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Lakewalk Night Lights

Lakewalk, Duluth, Lighthouse, Aaron Kloss, Siiviis Gallery
"Lakewalk Night Lights" 20"w x 16"h, Siiviis Gallery
Today's painting, titled Lakewalk Night Lights, is a view of lake Superior by night at the spot on Duluth's lakewalk where the boardwalk meets the concrete path that takes you out to the lighthouse featured in the lower right of the painting. The lighthouse is lighting up the night sky with golden sparkles, but the moon is not to be outdone by shining brightly and reflecting off the waters. Stars twinkle in the sky, and the lights on the lighthouse walk are shining on the distant path. Just one of those warm summer nights that you wish could last just a bit longer. Please contact Siiviis Gallery in Duluth, MN, which is located just a block this lakewalk location, for more information on this piece. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Colors of Fall

colors of fall, aaron kloss, autumn birch tree, z place gallery
"Colors of Fall"  36"w x 24"h
In this piece, titled Colors of Fall (36"w x 24"h), I used a limited color palette to emphasize the shapes of the trees and move the eye around the piece. The birch trees are decked out in their golden autumn splendor, while the red underbrush anchors the piece and complements the rich blue sky. Sometimes simple is just better. Or simpler. Please contact Z Place Gallery in Ironwood, MN for more information on this piece.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Frosty Morning Cardinals

Frosty Morning Cardinals, sivertson gallery, aaron kloss, acrylic birch tree, minnesota
"Frosty Morning Cardinals"  12"w x 4"h
The weather has been unusually cold here in Duluth, MN as of late, with some early morning frost warnings and highs in the 50's. But that doesn't seem to phase the cardinals in today's painting which features ten tiny cardinals on birch with a rich evergreen treeline in the distance, and an icy cold pale green spring sky lighting up the sky. The birds have been active around my house in spite of the weather, I need to follow their example and think about getting lots of work done! But then there's the comfortable chair next to the warm hearth, a hot cup of coffee and warm blanket that pulls me like a magnet. :) Yet it's off to the easel I go ....

Monday, June 1, 2015

New work at Amity Coffee in Duluth's Lakeside neighborhood

Amity Coffee Art, Aaron Kloss, Lakeside, Duluth Coffee, Art
Some of the work available at Amity Coffee
If you happen to be traveling through Duluth this summer, there's a sweet coffee shop in Lakeside on Duluth's east side called Amity Coffee. I've had an ongoing art show there since they opened last October, and I've recently restocked the shop with some colorful originals and prints. Please stop in if you can for some great coffee! (My personal favorite though is the chai latte) Here's a photo I took on my iphone of one wall which features some of the 40 pieces of art for sale at Amity Coffee, which is located at 4429 E. Superior St. in Duluth.