Friday, January 20, 2017

I Was Here First

I was here first acrylic painting by duluth artist aaron kloss at siiviis gallery in duluth mn, painting of a squirrel, cardinal, birch, northern minnesota
I Was Here First, acrylic on 6x6" canvas, Siiviis Gallery, Duluth MN
Today's painting is a fun picture of life in the trees. A bright red cardinal is perched on a golden birch, minding his own business, when a red squirrel appears out of nowhere and wants to use the same branch. The cardinal says 'I was here first!' as the squirrel retreats, knowing better than to mess with the bright beaky winged fellow. I enjoy the playfulness of this piece, and the bright color, something I miss this time of year as it's raining in January and the skies and landscape are grey. Spring will be here soon enough and provide ample inspiration to paint once again. This painting is part of a new group of small works at Siiviis Gallery in Duluth, MN.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Frozen Birch Forest

Frozen Birch Forest by Aaron Kloss, Sivertson Gallery Grand Marais, painting of winter birch, painting of snowy birch
Today's painting is titled Frozen Birch Forest, 24x36, and is part of a new group of winter landscapes at Sivertson Gallery in Grand Marais, MN. The birch forest was frozen when I painted this night landscape that features the moon in the center, sparkling and shimmering across the sky and snowy foreground. We are currently enjoying a January thaw, but no doubt we'll have a couple more arctic blasts before the end of winter. But for now, I'm enjoying the blue shadows of winter, while eagerly yearning for Spring.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Autumn at the Depot

Autumn at the Depot painting by duluth artist aaron kloss, painting of the depot, depot at night, depot full moon, duluth art institute
"Autumn at the Depot" 36x24
It's a new year and along with changing the calendar I have some new paintings ready to go, and endless ideas to explore this coming year. I thought I'd start this year off with a special piece, this painting is titled Autumn at the Depot, and is 36x24, acrylic on canvas. This piece is my contribution to the Duluth Art Institute's annual membership exhibition. The show is always a fun assortment of emerging artists and grumpy old professional artists like myself .. and everyone inbetween. If you're in the Duluth area anytime between Jan. 26 and Feb. 24 2017, please stop by the Depot to view this piece and many more interesting pieces from the other members. I had fun painting this one, reminiscing on my many trips to the Depot with my children when they were younger to see the trains and play at the children's museum. I used my imagination on this one as well, painting the depot in Autumn while using a winter reference photo I had taken, and also using a night setting which allowed the golds of the foliage and the light cream color of the building to pop against the night sky. The roof is a greenish grayish color, and I also didn't want to try to pair that color against a light blue or gray sky. Otherwise, I slaved away on this piece as the roofline and window details kept me making constant adjustments, but I didn't mind as I wanted this to be a memorable piece, which it is. Here's to a wonderful 2017 filled with life, laughter, color, and joy ... and many more memorable trips to the Depot.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Lake Superior Sky

duluth painter, duluth artist, painting of lake superior, painting of birch trees rocks, aaron kloss
Today's painting is titled A Lake Superior Sky and measures 20x16, acrylic on canvas. Lake Superior is 'the view that never gets old' if you ask me. I enjoy venturing down to the big lake with the family to explore beaches and experience the waves crashing against the shore. People drive for hours to visit the lake, we walk a few blocks. It's something I don't take for granted, and something that becomes the subject of many a painting. Have a great Tuesday.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Frost Cardinals Nos. 1-3

Just a few frost cardinals recently brought in to Lizzards Gallery for a frosty Monday. We received 6 plus inches of fresh snow yesterday here in Duluth, MN. Now I'm off to shovel before the snow freezes. Have a great week! -Aaron

Friday, December 2, 2016

All the Colors of Autumn

All the colors of autumn by duluth artist aaron kloss, painting of fall maples, painting of autumn color, painting of autumn lake, pointillism, exploremn, visitduluth

All the Colors of Autumn is the title of this colorful new 36x24 acrylic on canvas recently brought in to Lizzards Gallery in Duluth. I painted the lake in the foreground a deep blue to make the colorful tree reflections pop off the canvas. This continues my series of reflections which focus on memories and how can be fuzzy and bit distorted, but the memories are also a reflection of who we are. Deep thoughts for an artist who isn't quite awake yet today. Have a great weekend! All my best, Aaron

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sunset Strip

Sunset Strip painting by duluth mn artist aaron kloss, painting of white pine, painting of lake superior trail, siiviis gallery, duluth artist, explore mn art
Sunset Strip
On the last day of an unseasonably warm November, I thought it fitting to share a fun new piece titled Sunset Strip, recently brought in to Siiviis Gallery in Duluth, MN. This painting is 12x36, acrylic on canvas, and features white pine flanking a rocky river, with distant pine ridges in the background. But what really sets this painting apart is the dazzling gold sky, casting gold shadows on the foreground river banks and brightening the overall feel of the piece. I don't need to go to California to see the Sunset Strip, I just need to go out on the Lake Superior Trail on any given summer evening. So long summer, hello winter.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Welcome To Winter

welcome to winter painting by duluth artist aaron kloss, painting of winter birches, painting of moonlight, painting of winter landscape, pointillism, lizzards gallery artist

With today's frosty temperatures, the first snowfall of the season, and the Christmas City of the North Parade all converging, I thought it fitting to share a new original titled Welcome to Winter. This piece measures 36x24" and features a winter birch forest with distant icy ridges, and a winter moon shining brightly in the sky. The long shadows in the foreground are a hint at the short days that feature below freezing temps and endless blue and white vistas. I've always struggled with the cold myself, but enjoy the season nonetheless. This piece was recently delivered to Lizzards Gallery in the wonderful winterland of Duluth MN. You betcha.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Winter Frost Chickadees

Winter Frost Chickadees painting by duluth artist aaron kloss, painting of chickadees in winter, siiviis gallery, sivertson gallery, duluth mn, birds birch

Today's painting is titled Winter Frost Chickadees, and is part of my ongoing series of winter chickadees. This series features a pale blue sky, lots of white, and gray tones, basically what winter looks like. These hardy chickadees don't mind the cold, they reside in Minnesota year round, unlike their migratory songbird friends who skip town when the cold rolls in. Sometimes I'm tempted to head south, but then I'd miss the winter frost chickadees. This piece was recently brought in to Siiviis Gallery in Duluth, MN.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Sunset Sky Triptych

Sunset Sky Triptych painting by artist aaron kloss, cardinals on gold, painting of cardinals, triptych with cardinals, birch trees, duluth, aaron kloss

Here's a delightful little piece titled Sunset Sky Triptych, acrylic on 12"w x 4"h canvas, recently delivered to Siiviis Gallery in Duluth, MN. These bright cardinals on gold and crisp birch are sure to liven up any space. Have a great day, Aaron

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Tiny Fall Forest

tiny fall forest painting by artist aaron kloss, painting of a fall forest, painting of fall birches, pointilism, duluth artist
Here is a fun little triptych titled Tiny Fall Forest, 12"w recently delivered to Siiviis Gallery in Duluth, MN ... because I wish fall would last just a few months longer. :) Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Three Frost Dees

Three Frost Dees painting by duluth artist aaron kloss, painting of a chickadee, painting of chickadees, chickadees and birch, pointillism
Here's a first of many chickadee paintings titled Three Frost Dees, acrylic on 8x10" canvas. The chickadee is a favorite of mine, residing in Minnesota year round, their familiar call and markings distinguishing them from the flock of songbirds that migrate annually. Long live the chickadee. This piece was recently brought in to Siiviis Gallery in Duluth, MN.

Monday, October 31, 2016

An Autumn Hike

An Autumn Hike painting by duluth artist aaron kloss, siiviis gallery paintings, duluth mn artist, painting of birch trees in the fall autumn, pointillism, explore mn, visitduluth, visit duluth mn

Today's painting is titled Autumn Hike, 36x24, and is a take on a favorite theme of mine, which is birch trees with colorful ridges behind them. What I also love is the space between the subject/foreground captures the eye ... essentially becoming the part of the piece that grabs the eye. We had a wonderful autumn season this year, and it looks like it's going to be another great week to spend time outdoors with temps approaching 60 by the end of the week ... which is a heat wave in this northern part of the world.  This painting was recently delivered to Siiviis Gallery in Duluth, MN.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Just Another Night in Northern Minnesota

Just Another Night in Northern Minnesota by duluth mn artist aaron kloss, painting of moon, painting of birch trees at night, duluth mn, explore mn, pointillism
I had a little fun with the title of this new 36x24" piece, with the title Just Another Night in Northern Minnesota. I implied that every night is like the one depicted in this painting, with a warm full moon reflecting off a lake with thousands of rich blue speckles dancing across the sky. Is that accurate? Well, I guess you just need to visit or move here to find out. :) From a warm summer night to a sub zero winter night, you find beauty in northern Minnesota .. that much is true. This piece was recently delivered to Sivertson Gallery in Grand Marais, MN.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Reach For The Stars

Reach For The Stars painting by Duluth MN artist Aaron Kloss, painting of pine tree, painting of northern lights, reflections, aaron kloss artwork, lakeside gallery, sivertson gallery
Reach For The Stars, 12x36", acrylic on canvas
This new 12"w x 36" acrylic on canvas is titled Reach For The Stars. Every once and a while an artist hits a home run with a work of art, and this is a home run. Whatever your dream is ... go out there and get it. That's what this lone white pine represents, as it's backlit by golden light and a starry sky which reflects in the waters in the foreground. This piece is part of a new group of work at Sivertson Gallery in Grand Marais, MN

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Next Adventure

The Next Adventure by Duluth MN artist Aaron Kloss, painting of an ore boat, painting of duluth mn, lakeside gallery duluth, aaron kloss, pointilism
"The Next Adventure"
I was recently going through my photos and came across this piece which a commission I painted earlier this year for a local client. They were moving out of state and wanted a memory of Duluth that incorporated their frequent boat trips on lake Superior.  I love challenges and so I had to rely on my imagination a bit for this piece, using a perspective skill I learned in grade school to sketch out a balanced composition and then picked up my trusty paintbrush and I had a lot of fun while using a touch of imagination. So the result is a colorful summer painting of Duluth from the lake with a fictional thousand footer 'saltie' ore boat heading out on her next adventure, with a golden sunset sky glowing and the aerial bridge horn giving a final farewell salute.

“We need the tonic of wildness...At the same time that we are earnest to explore and learn all things, we require that all things be mysterious and unexplorable, that land and sea be indefinitely wild, unsurveyed and unfathomed by us because unfathomable. We can never have enough of nature.” 
-Henry David Thoreau