Thursday, November 7, 2013

Orange Forest Maples

"Orange Forest Maples" 18"w x 18"h
Yet another piece from my Fall Forests show, this one is titled Orange Forest Maples. The maple trees around northern Minnesota have the most interesting colored leaves in the Autumn season. You'll have bright yellow, gold, orange, red, brown, and every color in between right next to each other. Sometimes I wonder if the trees are trying to out color the one next to it. :) The maple tree in my back yard finally decided summer was over this week and turned bright yellow ... dropping it's leaves at the same time. It is the first week of November after all lol. Well, the painting featured here today is a playful take on maples at a river, with the stones in the water sparkling more subtly than some others in this series. There are distant colorful ridges, but the subject is the river, and the stones have been quite a challenge for me. I've been adding little amounts of blues to each, giving each stone a look and feel of it's own. I'll continue to explore this theme until I feel like I've captured what I'm endeavoring to say visually. One thing's for sure ... the maples in this piece want you to notice their orange leaves.

This painting featured today is part of my Fall Forests show which may viewed now through mid December, 2013 at First Lutheran Church in Duluth, MN.

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