Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Golden Age

"Golden Age" 60"w x 48"h
Today's painting, titled Golden Age, is perhaps the largest I have ever attempted. The photo of course does not do this piece justice, the scale is just too immense to be captured in an image that's a mere 4" or so wide on a computer screen. But the image does represent the theme and color of this piece. The birches rise high above the landscape, their trunks diminishing in size as they ascend, giving a feeling of height. The trees have golden leaves that are reflecting the sun's rays in a dazzling bright gold that dances across the tree tops. The foreground is deep and moody, a rich brown fading to black against a deep cobalt sky that gives the birch trunks the contrast they need to pop off the canvas. The large scale of this piece was intimidating at first, but as the days went by I embraced the challenge and remembered the love of large scale work I have. Perhaps this is the beginning of a golden age of large paintings.
Please contact Lizzards Gallery for more information on today's painting.

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