Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Golden Birch Stones & Sienna Birch Row

"Golden Birch Stones" 24"w x 12"h $300
"Sienna Birch Row" 10"w x 8"h, $85
Today it's a two for one special. I thought I'd feature these pieces together as they were painted together, so it just made sense. These both have burnt sienna as the predominant color and birch rows as the subject. I think I'm drawn to the burnt sienna as it's such a comforting warm brown color, and I can't help but try to work it into every painting. I really enjoy how the Golden Birch Stones painting has dappled lighting throughout the stones and the birches. I used to work on blending the white bark dark to light, but now I focus more on the visual texture, which means I stagger the final white brushstrokes and it gives the bark a life of it's own, very striking. I'm working on a large canvas now where I'm going to try the same technique, I feel as though I'm on to something, we'll see. Lots of art to share here on this blog, please stop back soon! -Aaron Please contact Lizzards Gallery for more information on today's pieces.

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