Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cardinal Skies

"Cardinal Skies" 10"w x 8"h
I intentionally added some texture to this cardinal painting titled Cardinal Skies. I also painted this to match the colors outside ... the warm browns of the leaves still clinging to the trees before winter, and the deep blue skies of the sky that so quickly loses it's light this time of the year. The crimson reds of the cardinals and the whites of the birch bark have texture in the thick paint that can be seen on this image. Normally I don't care for texture in my work, I prefer to glaze the paint thin so that layers beneath can be viewed through each brush stroke. But every so often I try something new. I feel as though by intentionally trying to apply the paint thick I lose the character of the distinctive brush stroke that employ. Trying new techniques, colors and compositions is what makes painting fun and challenging. Even when you work in series such as I do you'll find new ways to add creativity and life to your work.

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