Thursday, November 21, 2013

Distant Maples & November Lake

"Distant Maples" 12"w x 9"h
"November Lake" 6"w x 6"h
I was pleased to hear that a few pieces had sold at Your Art's Desire Gallery recently including the one above titled Distant Maples. The other piece on the left is titled November Lake and while they have completely different subjects, I thought I'd feature them together as the colors complement each other very well, and I thought they would look good together. I'll often pair a couple pieces together when thinking about a larger painting. I did this when I painted Somewhere North of Here which was a personal favorite of mine. That piece featured the moon on a lake viewed through the trees, just like these today. When I work small, I often wonder why as I love to work large, but I realize that working small is a great way to nail down what works on a large scale, and it gives people a chance to collect my work. Just like my work with it's many small brushstrokes making up the bigger picture, the small things are often more important than I realize.
Please contact Your Art's Desire for more information on today's painting.

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