Monday, November 25, 2013

Keeping Watch

"Keeping Watch" 6"w x 6"h $65
Here's another piece from DailyPaintworks, which is an online artist community of daily painters. I paint daily, I don't always finish a painting a day ... I tend to have several works in progress at any given time. But it's still fun to browse through other painter's online portfolios. On a side note, I almost got mowed down by a woodpecker on my morning walk today. This guy was about 12" wide at the wingspan, with a black body and a red head. After my heart beat went back down to normal, I noticed he would be a great bird to paint. Now that I'm wide awake thanks to an over-territorial woodpecker, I'm off to the easel on a nice sunny Monday morning.
This piece is available at DailyPaintworks.

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