Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Glimpse of an artist studio

I thought I'd pause today and post a little picture of where I paint and also give a glimpse of some work in progress from my upcoming show at The Vanilla Bean in Two Harbors titled Intimate Landscapes. The show runs July 24-August 20, 2012 ... which reminds me that I need to get my postcards and artist statement for the show finished up. :) The show's title reflects the scale of much of the work for the show, which are small, intimate landscapes. So many people have commented on my work and wanted to have one but didn't have the ability to take a large canvas on their road trip. So the work in this show will give the viewer intimate views into northland landscapes.

The works on my tabletop easel feature stout, old maple trees that are finished now, but at the time of this photo, just the burnt sienna base coats are visible. The trees represent a departure from my usual vertical maple and birch trees. It's just a direction I have to explore and see where it goes.

I love this photo ... it speaks a lot about my artwork and the process. The multiple works being painted at once ... the area is peaceful and quiet ... the orchids on the table behind the easel are reflecting off the woodwork ... the tea in the cup on the left is too hot to drink and is cooling off, just like the artist. :) I'm not the type of artist that takes a huge space and flings paint and canvas around with the music blasting. I love quiet, solitude, neatness. I don't need much space to create, however, I do have a couple rooms in the basement for prepping and varnishing canvases. I paint in a small sunroom off the living room, on an antique dropleaf table and sit in an antique chair, both passed down through my family through the years. Large canvases are painted on a large H frame easel that sits in the corner of the sunroom. Small works are created on this little easel, I love the easel and the windows where I set canvases to view and work on throughout the day.

Today, I won't be in this chair ... I'll be driving up the Scenic from Duluth to Grand Marais to visit some friends and view some new works at Sivertson Gallery by some of the greatest artists around (in my opinion) :) ... Betsy Bowen, Liz Sivertson, Ann Jenkins, Dave Gilsvik, Howard Sivertson, Albert Marana, Michael Sweere, Kellie Rae Theiss ... the list goes on. The amazing invention of the camera and internet can bring us images to view in the comfort of our homes, but you can't beat viewing original art in person. :)

For now, I'll dream about the next landscapes to paint, and will most likely be inspired by what I view on the road and in the galleries today. I'll bring my camera and sketchbook. God bless, -Aaron

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