Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Midnight Sun

Acrylic on 16"w x 20"h canvas
Click on image above to enlarge.

This painting for my Tremendous Trees show at Blue Lake Gallery features the moon as a central object to the composition. The distant deep blue pines and sky complement the bright yellows of the moon as it casts shadows on the foreground. The neat thing about this painting was watching people react to it the weekend that my show began. People were drawn into this painting, the moon just beckoned people to come closer. This piece has a calming effect and an energetic burst of energy all at the same time. I was a little more edgier with the brush strokes, intentionally wanted more of the black underpainting to be visible to add to the depth of color especially in the trees and sky. The original vision featured three birches but when this one was finished I realized the background was the subject matter and the foreground birch trees are just innocent bystanders, their bright bark shining in the late Autumn moonlight in the land of the midnight sun.

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