Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gold Sunset Maples Triptych

"Gold Sunset Maples Triptych" 12"w x 4"h

"Gold Sunset Ridge"
After painting so much with cobalt blues and bright titanium white colors it's nice to paint with a warm palette especially after all the cold weather we've had here lately. The crimson leafed maples with their burnt sienna trunks and matching foreground along with the cadmium gold skies and shadows warm the soul. I'm itching to paint this theme on a grand scale, perhaps 30x40" or so .. we'll see. I have to get caught up on what's in progress then I'm going to enjoy the challenge of large scale painting. To me, painting large vs. small is the same as viewing a 80" plasma TV vs. the 20" TV for the couch potato. :) I like potatoes, and couches, but I'm no couch potato. :) I'm off to the easel, next week this blog will be full of new works. Can't wait! -A

Please contact Z Place Gallery in Ironwood, MI for more information on this piece.

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