Monday, June 10, 2013

Spring Sky and the arrival of summer ...

"Spring Sky" 16"w x 20"h
After endless weeks of cold and rain, it appears that summer will finally arrive this week here in the northland. Temps are forecasted to be in the 70's with sunny skies, which is a tropical heat wave for us who live here lol. I thought this piece titled Spring Sky would be a nice transition from spring to summer. The birches and distant ridges have lightly colored green leaves which are a sure sign that the leafing out process is well underway. The foreground has many shades of green as the undergrowth makes it's way through last year's autumn leaves and will soon cover the forest floor in thick lush greenery that is sometimes impossible to walk through. All this and a sparkling blue sky.
As far as this week, new work will be posted here and sent on out to the galleries and hopefully we'll be finding more people around town with a smile on their face now that summer has arrived. -A

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