Thursday, May 23, 2013

Night Light

"Night Light" 12"w x 36"h
Today's painting titled Night Light is based off one of my favorite times of year, Autumn. It's also influenced by moonlight, one of my favorite times of the day when the moon is full and sparkles and dances across the lakes and woodlands. I added just a little burnt sienna to the stones, and softened them up a bit, and liked the outcome. They seem to be warm and inviting as opposed to cold and sharp, as I often paint them. The golds are vibrant, most likely due to the rainy weather as I frequently ratchet up the contrast, color and brightness of my work when the days are gray. Warm sunshine today though, can't wait to feel it on my face. Please contact Jeff at Lizzards Gallery if you'd like some more information on this painting. :)

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