Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Whispering & Serene Summer Cardinals

Whispering Cardinals, Acrylic on 10"w x 8"h canvas
Serene Summer Cardinal, 10"w x 10"h
Two cool cardinal compositions from my Intimate Landscapes show at The Vanilla Bean. Whispering Cardinals is one of my favorite cardinal paintings as of late, I wonder what they are whispering about? If they are like me they are most likely wondering if summer is just about over. The Serene Summer Cardinal painting features evergreens and blue skies in the background which I had fun playing with the color value while I was painting. The birches also have a nice range of size, something I've been experimenting with. Basically, I want the birches to resemble the real thing, and in any given birch forest you'd find a wide range of tree sizes.

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