Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Work at Blue Lake Gallery

Memories of Gold, Acrylic on canvas, 10"w x 10"h

Asian Maple, Acrylic on Canvas, 10"wx8"h
For the next couple of days I'm posting some new work currently available at Blue Lake Gallery in Duluth. The work was painted during the month of July when I was preparing for my Intimate Landscapes show at The Vanilla Bean. The work at Blue Lake has some similar themes to my show work, yet I've added subtle lighting changes to the work to distinguish it. I'm happy I did ... I want to challenge myself when I paint to push the limits of my medium on the canvas. I don't ever want to be 'stuck in a rut' .. but always grow and create. Difficult task when I also want my work to be recognizable. That challenge gives me the desire to keep working, knowing that I'm on to something, knowing I'll achieve something. Please return again soon, I'll be posting several new works per day for the next week or so!
Golden Maples, Acrylic on Canvas, 10"wx8"h

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