Monday, August 13, 2012

Emerald Canopy

Emerald Canopy, Acrylic on 10"wx8"h canvas
Today's painting is the last of the new works I sent up to Sivertson Gallery in Grand Marais, MN this past week. It's been a blast painting the birches on blue skies. I just love the layering of the greens, especially in the birch leaves. They have a transparency and movement to them that makes them so interesting. The patches of blue sky peeking through the leaves gives the added dimension of depth. I was driving this past weekend and found myself viewing the birch forests around Duluth in a new way, looking through them ... perhaps I'll try to capture some of the unique character and depth on canvas in the coming days.

This week I'm working on paintings for my next show which you'll be hearing about sooner than later on this blog. I'm also working on a few new paintings to send up to The Vanilla Bean in Two Harbors as I have one more weekend before I take my Intimate Landscapes show down. It's been a great success ... I envisioned painting many small canvases that people could take with them as they travel through the area on the Scenic 61 on the shores of Lake Superior. So far, ten paintings have found new homes. Perhaps a few more will before the remaining paintings make their way to the galleries and I embark on some new work. It's time to paint, gotta go ...

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