Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cardinal Series at Sivertson Gallery Part 4

Red Wing, Acrylic on 6"wx6"h canvas
Some more cardinals available at Sivertson Gallery in Grand Marais, MN. It's been fun posting these according to color. I looked back and I think my favorites have to be the ones with the golden background. They are the first to grab my eye, and I remember pushing the gold to the brightest I could. I also enjoyed viewing all the cardinals together at once. They stretched across my fireplace mantel and filled it with color. I wish I had a photo, in the future, I'll have to take a photo like that as I've been working in series lately. My next series features green-leafed birches and blue skies. Hey, it's summer after all ... Autumn will be here before we know it, and I can't wait, I love that season and look forward to blue skies and warm yellows, reds and oranges. But for now, paintings feature summer landscapes such as these today. 

Street Talk Triptych, Acrylic on three 4"wx4"h canvases

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