Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bluestone Birch Twilight

Bluestone Birch Twilight, 8"wx10"h, SOLD
This painting from my Intimate Landscapes show at The Vanilla Bean is painted in a familiar theme of mine. Bluestone birches are a theme I return to again and again as they remind me of hiking through the woods around Duluth as I often do late in the day. The setting sun casting long shadows across the forest floor combined with the beautiful landscape and huge blue boulders scattered around is a comforting place. I probably return to themes like this when life gets a little too busy and the blues and golds are calming and restful.

All is quiet here as I type this post on a Thursday morning after a loud thunderstorm last night. We have a cocker spaniel puppy and he was a little unsettled with the storm so none of us slept well. I anticipate the puppy will be sleeping well today in the afternoon sun in my studio space as he often does ... laying at my feet and reminding me that rest is as important as work in life ... especially after storms. :)

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