Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Great Northland (Commission)

The Great Northland, Aaron Kloss, Birch, Minnesota, Art, Painting, Commission
"The Great Northland"  48"w x 30"h
Today's painting is a commissioned painting for a special customer. This piece, titled The Great Northland, is based off a painting from July 2013 titled Somewhere North of Here. I adjusted the size of this new piece to fit the space the painting was going to be displayed in, and even included a photo of the finished piece installed at left. What I enjoyed about this painting, and the first one, is the colorful trees and mysterious feeling you get from the bright moonlight reflecting off the lake. Compositionally, the foreground and the bottom and birch leaves at the top keep the eye moving around the piece, and the intensity of the color keeps the whole painting as the subject, vs. having only one object as the subject. The land I live in draws people from around the world annually, and it's not to visit one location, but to take in all the sights, sounds, and experiences this part of the world has to offer. This is the great northland. My work can be found in the fine galleries that represent me, and I'm also available for commissions, shoot me an email for more information. -Aaron

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