Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rock Quarry

Acrylic on 6"w x 6"h x 2"d canvas
Click on image above to enlarge.
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This painting makes me chuckle as I've been busy digging up my backyard, removing an old storm shed over a 12' x 24' tuckunder garage attached to my house. The garage had a asphalt driveway and block retaining walls on either side that were leaning precariously in. So after calling in some help from my folks, I've managed to make some progress digging and landscaping the entrance to my new studio space. I've unearthed at least 40 80 lb. concrete blocks and hauled them to the recycle center.

Duluth is full of rock quarries such as the one I painted ... it's just that no mere mortal man with a shovel and pickaxe could ever move them, and they shouldn't be moved, but left for all to enjoy.


  1. That painting certainly looks like a vivid psychedelic rock quarry. The first time I looked at it, I thought it was breathing...sent chills to my spine!

    Megan Payne

  2. There is a rock quarry by my house that is much larger than the one I painted, and I was focused on the lighting in this particular painting ... but it sounds like you really enjoyed it. :) Thanks for the comment! -A