Friday, October 14, 2011

Hello Russia!

One of the features of blogging I enjoy most is the stats feature. You can see how many people have stopped by, and it keeps track of what posts are the most viewed. If you were into marketing, this feature would be immensely valuable to adjusting products to consumer demand. But in my case, it's just fun to see how many people have stopped by the blog. While the stats information is generic, you can still see what countries people have visited from, and I've noticed today that somebody from Russia stopped by so I just thought I'd say hi to whoever visited. Hopefully you'll stop back soon and see my greeting. Feel free to leave a comment. :)

I suppose I should give some information regarding painting too :) My next piece is ready to go, it's a triptych of 1'x3' canvases and it will be a landscape inspired by the moment I was standing at the base of the mountain staring through the trees at the setting sun. I'm hoping to have it finished this weekend.

My studio should be closer to completion next week as well. I'm taking some in progress photos of the project to share in the next couple of days, please stop back soon and say hi ... even if you're not from Russia. :)

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