Sunday, October 2, 2011

More Autumn Reference

With the Autumn leaves rapidly approaching peak color, I've been out in the woods snapping up photos as fast as I can. Yesterday we hiked along Skyline Parkway around 40th Ave. West in Duluth where there are some massive rock outcroppings reaching up towards the sky. I've always wanted to explore this area, and I was able to get right up to the base of the cliffs and snap some interesting photos in the shadow of the ridge, along with the setting sun filtering through trees. In these reference photos you can see the ridge in the background appearing like a mountain.

The rocks are crumbly, giving the impression based on their mossy texture that they've been there forever and the trees have grown up all around them. It's amazing to find pines and maples growing out of the face of the rocks or out of cracks, wherever they can find room. The leaves and ferns are blazing gold in color, but the green leaves mixed in tells me I still have time to enjoy the season's color. Today's expedition will be to Lester Park, the famous Seven Bridges Road and Lester Falls.

I'll be bringing my camera. :)

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