Monday, October 3, 2011

A New Look

As we've been hiking around the area I've enjoyed the change in the scenery from lush greens to thousands of shades of yellows, oranges, cranberries and browns. What I've been enjoying most lately is the forest floor, the fresh leaves fallen on mossy rocks and fallen trees. This photo sums up what I'm describing as the texture of the Birch is very compelling along with the leaves in an orderly row across the top. Almost like someone placed them there lol. I even signed this photo, as you can see my right shoe in the lower right corner of the photo. :)

With the change in season I've reviewed my blog and website and decided to lighten them up. I hope you enjoy the fresh look, my original vision was black backgrounds and heavy colors to really make my art pop off the page but I've felt the dark theme distracting ... and since I've never seen a gallery paint their walls black to feature their art, I've decided to go with a white background and user-friendly layout.

Currently on my easel are several smaller works along with a 18"x36" and a 12"x24" canvas.
I'm anticipating finishing them up this week as I'm prepping new canvases and making plans to expand my art space into a new studio space. More on that coming soon.  :)

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