Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Lone Leaf

This photo combines many of the elements I've been enjoying on my recent hikes through the woods. You can see bluestone, water, leaves, color and texture. I just had to take this photo as I was jumping across the stream on various stepping stones. Last time I slipped and fell in, this time I was more careful. :) This little leaf is saying 'look at me!' He's a resilient little guy, keeping his color when all his friends have faded to brown.

Work has been continuing on the studio, and the latest canvases on my easel. My triptych forest painting is well underway, the burnt sienna undertones already in place. I can't wait to unveil this painting later this week, as well as several small robin paintings. For fun, I've decided to chronicle my studio remodeling adventures on another blog which you can find here.

God bless

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