Monday, October 17, 2011

The last of the leaves

We went for a nice hike yesterday, revisiting some areas I'd taken some reference photos of before. I noticed I could get a better feel for the highlights and shadows with the leaves all on the ground. That aspect was helpful, but I found myself longing for the leaves to be back on the trees for just another week or two or three. The Autumn color is so intense and beautiful that it is difficult to see the leaves all over the ground. We took a few nice family photos, jumped across rocks to the other side of the stream, a feat that could never be done in the Springtime when this river is raging. But for now all is quiet and the leaves fill the stream which preserves their color for people to come by and enjoy before all is blanketed in snow.

For now I continue my large landscape triptych painting and just for fun a few red robins on small canvases to be posted later in the week.

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