Monday, October 5, 2015

To You I Will Always Return

To You I Will Always Return, Acrylic painting on canvas by aaron kloss, pointillism, gold birch lake
"To You I Will Always Return"  36"w x 24"h, Siiviis Gallery Duluth
Many times artists, especially painters, have a familiar theme, color, brush stroke, etc. that runs through their work like a common thread. For my work, I've found myself drawn to familiar themes such as lakes, birch trees, woods, the autumn season ... and familiar colors such as deep blues and vibrant golds which complement eachother well. It's along this idea that I've been completing several new works such as this 36"w x 24"h original acrylic on canvas at Siiviis Gallery titled To You I Will Always Return. This title was influenced by the thought that artists return to what feels right, almost like returning home and finding a warmth and familiar space. While I must return to the easel, the sun is shining and the leaves are a vibrant gold on the birch trees which are inspiring me to continue working. Hope you have a great week! And please return soon ...

This painting is part of my Birds, Bicycles and Birch show at Siiviis Gallery now through Nov. 2015

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