Thursday, October 22, 2015

Autumn Sonata

Autumn Sonata acrylic painting by artist aaron kloss
"Autumn Sonata"  24"w x 20"h, acrylic on canvas
Autumn Sonata is the title of this new 24"w x 20"h acrylic painting on canvas. I brightened up the sky and the colors on this piece, really endeavoring to capture the crispness of an autumn sky. This scene is familiar for me, I've come across birches, rocks, maples, and colorful underbrush so many times while hiking through the area that I work primarily from memory. Working this way can be exciting to see what happens at the end .. and also a little nerve racking from time to time as there is always the feeling of what if I don't like the outcome? But I approach my art like I do my hikes ... just head out, go explore, have fun, enjoy the hike. Perhaps I should approach life this way too .. like another trail waiting to be explored ...
This painting is part of my Autumn Encore show at St. Luke's Hospital in Duluth, MN now through the end of 2015.

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