Monday, October 26, 2015


Cardinal-A-Dee acrylic painting by artist aaron kloss
"Cardinal-A-Dee" 8"w x 8"h
This fun little piece is titled Cardinal-A-Dee, and is acrylic on canvas, 8"w x 8"h. You may have guessed it by the title .. this painting features none other than the two all time top selling birds for me, the chickadee and the cardinal. The cardinal may have a heck of time locating the chickadee in the birch forest as they blend right in, but these hardy little birds aren't afraid of northern Minnesota winters, and if they can handle the snow, so should we. It won't be long before the snow flies, but in the meatime I'm enjoying the colorful leaves still clinging to the trees in this last week of October. Please contact Siiviis Gallery in Duluth for more information on this piece.

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