Thursday, October 29, 2015

October Blue Jay

october blue jay painting, acrylic on canvas by artist aaron kloss duluth mn
"October Blue Jay"  8"w x 8
I love blue jays. They fly in from out of nowhere, squaking and carrying on, announcing their presence to the entire world and driving away all the other birds. I've never been able to watch them nest, so all I know about them is their behavior around my house. They are a large bird, and they have beautiful blue feathers. So fun to watch in the wild and attempt to capture on canvas. In this piece, titled October Blue Jay, the golds of the birch leaves complement the blue jay, who is quite camouflaged against the cobalt blue sky. And he's at Siiviis Gallery in Canal Park now too ... hopefully not scaring away all the other birds. :) Please contact the gallery for more info.

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