Monday, April 29, 2013

Forest Shadows

"Forest Shadows" 20"w x 16"h, Riverwood Gallery, Eau Claire, WI
While the theater of seasons continues here in Duluth, Minnesota ... I've been influenced by the weather myself to switch between fall, winter and spring subjects. One day, it's sunny and 65, the next day, it's raining/sleeting and 35 degrees, the next day... you get the idea. We usually go through a month or so of this before things settle down. While I love summer, I also love the climate here where I live. Lake Superior keeps us cool in the summer and takes the edge off the cold in the winter by adding some humidity to the atmosphere and keeping the temps sometimes 10 or more degrees warmer than just a few miles away. So here's a 20"w x 16"h piece titled Forest Shadows that features golden maples and a rich crimson red distant ridge. I've been pushing the contrast a bit as late with my color ... working really hard to get that 'spark' that I've been feeling in my heart yet chasing it down on the canvas. Part of life as a painter ... getting what you feel inside to work it's way onto the canvas. It's a struggle that I embrace, it pushes me to carry on ...

Please contact Riverwood Gallery for more information about today's painting.

On the easel this week is a selection of Spring cardinals and other landscapes for Sivertson Gallery in Grand Marais, MN and Siiviis Gallery here in Duluth, MN. :)

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  1. Hello fellow DPW artist! Very cool style. Happy Painting.