Thursday, April 18, 2013

Maple Forest Majesty

"Maple Forest Majesty", 18"w x 18"h, April 2013
Today's post features an autumn themed maple forest. The weather lately has been seriously messing with me. It was 50 and sunny a few weeks ago and now we're facing another foot of potential snow. It's supposed to snow the next three days straight here in Duluth, MN. Normally, we're warming up towards spring, yet we're in the midst of winter now. Go figure. So with the theater of changing seasons outside, the seasons are changing inside the studio. This painting is going to be hard to part with, I had soooooo much fun with the crimson and golds with this piece, adding layer upon layer of rich paint against the deep gray-blue sky background. The stones sparkle, along with the golds in the foreground that dance across the burnt sienna forest floor.

Perhaps I needed to paint this one to warm up my soul. The winter has been long, I used to be a painter and now find myself a professional snow shoveler. Haha. Please stop back soon, new works will be uploaded on a regular basis ... including several spring birch compositions that I've recently completed.

Let it snow ....

Please contact Stone's Throw Gallery in Bayfield, WI for more information on this piece.

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