Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Va Bene

"Va Bene", 24"w x 12"h, April 2013
Today's post features a recent commission I painted for Va Bene restaurant here in Duluth, MN. They wanted a moon shining on Lake Superior, along with the prominent pine tree and the building itself. It was a fun challenge. Painting a building is one thing, painting one at night is quite another. I chose to give the windows a warm glow effect and I'm pleased with the results as they warm golds compliment the deep cobalt blue night sky. The red accents on the building also compliment the background and the crisp cream color of the building gives quite a contrasting punch. I enjoyed adding in some of the signage on the building like this detail on the left that shows the left side of the door with the restaurant logo on the sign and the window with 'Dolci' above. I could go for some dolci right about now. :)

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