Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summer at Split Rock

Summer at Split Rock acrylic painting by aaron kloss, pointillism

This new painting is titled Summer at Split Rock, and is 36"w x 36"h on canvas, and was delivered to Lizzards Gallery in Duluth just yesterday. This painting is probably my third effort at painting Split Rock Lighthouse, and I enjoyed painting the rocks, waters and sky of this piece. Here are links to my other paintings of Split Rock from the past:
Why Can't This Night Go On Forever?
Hope Springs Eternal

As you well know, at least you know if you read my blog ... I love painting negative spaces and backgrounds of compositions. The subject is frequently an afterthought, as I work to draw attention to other areas of the painting. In this piece, I focused on the hue of the water first, using blues, purples and teals to give the water a rich color. I then continued that color palette into the stones and sky, increasing the value until I was happy with the contrast between the different elements. The lighthouse perched on top of the rocks is the brightest part of the painting and draws the eye, but I hope the viewer lingers to enjoy the waters and rocks ... at least that's where you'll find me, sitting on the rocks and skipping stones into lake Superior while I listen to the waves crash against the rocky shoreline. That never gets old.

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