Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hope Springs Eternal

"Hope Springs Eternal" 24"w x 36"h
This night painting of Split Rock Lighthouse, titled Hope Springs Eternal is a donation to ARTcetera, which is an auction to benefit the Miller Dwan Foundation and medical concerns in our region. The event is held at the Duluth DECC's Harbor Side Convention Center and Ballroom on September 27 and features a live auction, dinner, live music, dancing ... all that good stuff. This piece is more of an autumn themed work with the sparkling golds of the vegetation on the left side of the painting. The lighthouse is perched on the cliff ever observing the great lake Superior while the moon overshadows the entire composition, casting it's golden light across the skies and waters and wrapping the stones of the cliff in its warm embrace. This painting was actually inspired during the deepest part of this past winter where we had record cold and snow, and while I gazed across the frozen tundra and saw the emptiness of the cold, snow and barren trees ... I thought of this painting, filled with golden light and life and color. And when ARTcetera contacted me for a donation, I couldn't think of a better painting to help the medical community to help those who are hurting. Winter .. and life in general, can have it's coldness and darkness .. but hope springs eternal.

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