Friday, October 25, 2013

Maple Forest Birches

"Maple Forest Birches" 20"w x 16"h
This piece titled Maple Forest Birches continues a series of works I've collectively titled Through The Birches. It's a very simple theme, really. The negative space between the foreground birch trees becomes the subject of the painting. So what I end up with is a vibrant, colorful background which contrasts with the crisp black and white birch trees. In today's piece, the background has several gold maples, a rich brown and red underbrush and a complementary gray blue sky which brightens toward the distant horizon. Many times people have mentioned that they don't really even notice the birch trees at first. I have yet to produce a major work in the this theme, but the time is coming ... I just picked up a few 60"w x 48"h canvases and I just can't wait to work large again. :)

This painting featured today is part of my Fall Forests show which may viewed now through mid December, 2013 at First Lutheran Church in Duluth, MN.

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