Monday, October 28, 2013

Golden Forest Colors

"Golden Forest Colors" 18"w x 18"h
 This painting features maple trees in the foreground and the distance. I worked on the orange leaves on the maples a little more, layering the color to give the leaves that fluttering almost transparent quality that they have, especially when the sun shines on them. I also added some more color to the trunks, working on the dappled light that you would find as the sun shines through leaves. The colorful maples in the distance have the same value of color, but the object in this piece is clearly the five maples in the foreground. The cobalt blue sky complements the fall colors in this piece, the composition begs the viewer to look up ... something I often do as I walk through the forest, gazing up at the interesting branches and enjoying the sun working it's way through the thick leaves.

This painting featured today is part of my Fall Forests show which may viewed now through mid December, 2013 at First Lutheran Church in Duluth, MN. 

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