Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Serene Birch Forest

Acrylic on 12"w x 16"h canvas
Click on image above to enlarge.
$165.00 Please contact Blue Lake Gallery in Duluth to purchase.

This painting was part of my Tremendous Trees show at Blue Lake Gallery.

I've noticed myself returning to this theme quite a bit in the last several months. I've painted a couple diptychs in this theme as well as several vertical compositions. I don't feel so much as though I'm trying to get this theme just right ... I feel as though I'm enjoying the effect this composition has on me. The deep blues of the skies and stones quiet my soul and give my eyes rest. The birch trees and bluestones provide a natural break between the foreground and background, and the trees and stones also give a feeling of safety and protection. It could be something from my childhood triggering this need for a safe place to rest, or when life gets kinda crazy, it's nice to know you have a place to go ... ya know.

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