Thursday, May 17, 2012

Materialistic Intentions: Woodland Gathering

Acrylic on 24"w x 32"h (approx. size) canvas
Click on image above to enlarge.
$250.00 Please contact PROVE Collective Gallery in Duluth to purchase.

This painting is part of the PROVE Collective Gallery's 'Materialistic Intentions' show which can be viewed May 11-24, 2012.

This is my second piece for the Materialistic Intentions show at PROVE Collective Gallery in Duluth. Since the three paintings were completed as one unit, I'm finding it difficult to share individual thoughts about the pieces. One thing I notice about this painting is the movement of the birch trees. This isn't a painting you glance at, but one you study. Your eye moves quickly around the painting, just like cardinals hopping effortlessly across tree branches. I just love the distant birds and trees, I can't wait to explore this theme in the future. For now, my thoughts and energy is going into unpacking and settling in to my new house. Perhaps I will post a pic or two of my new place here soon ... I'm quite fond of the sun room off the living room. Windows on three walls ... a painter's little paradise. :)

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