Friday, May 18, 2012

Materialistic Intentions: Meet With Me

Acrylic on 24"w x 32"h (approx. size) canvas
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This painting is part of the PROVE Collective Gallery's 'Materialistic Intentions' show which can be viewed May 11-24, 2012.

Last but not least ... this is the third of three pieces from the show at PROVE. This piece is for my wife, she wanted one really bad, so I suggested this one. Much of my work ends up in galleries and then in collector's homes ... which is great ... except that I often miss many of my paintings and often wish I'd saved a couple from each show to hang at home. But I want to create art for people, and so I find great satisfication in knowing others have my work in their home, and they love it.

Here's a nice article about the show from Perfect Duluth Day's blog titled Art Can Touch The Eye at Prove Collective.

And Ed Newman wrote a nice review of the show which includes several photos over on his blog titled Ennyman's Territory, and the title of the piece he wrote is Materialistic Intentions at the Prove

It's time for me to finish off the work for my upcoming show at Jitter's Coffee in Duluth. Off to the easel I go....

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