Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Maple Forest Shadows

 Acrylic on 20"w x 16"h canvas
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$250.00 Please contact Blue Lake Gallery in Duluth to purchase.

This painting was part of my Tremendous Trees show at Blue Lake Gallery.

Blue Lake Gallery has graciously extended the time of my Tremendous Trees show at their gallery for a couple weeks. It's been so fun to see all these works together in such a unique space. I just realized that I didn't have a whole lot of good photos of the show, I'll have to get some and post them here soon.

This painting was completed in a flurry of activity just before the show was hung. I never had a chance to view this piece and take it in. Looking back through my work, I can see that this painting stands apart from the rest. It has a presence all it's own. The long shadows cast by the barren maples has a calming effect on me. The bright sun in the distance, along with the emphasis on the foreground no doubt were influenced by the Van Gogh books I was studying at the time. I just love Van Gogh's work and his letters ... His successes ... and his failures are preserved for all to see for all time. Some of my paintings are success, some are failures. Most will never know the difference unless I tell them, but I'm my biggest critic, and often wrestle with my paintings, chasing after a look and feel that so often eludes my grasp. Perhaps this painting reflects that struggle. I've come so far, yet have so far to go. There is no visible path in this piece, beckoning the viewer to stay and explore for a while. Which direction to go? It's so easy when there's a path to follow. But I must admit, my greatest adventures traveling the woods happens when there is no trail to follow. The thrill of the exploration spurs me on ... And the joy is found in knowing who's waiting at the end.

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