Friday, January 27, 2012

Duluth Art Institute Annual Members Show

Last week we attended the opening reception of the Duluth Art Institute's Annual Member Show. Each member was allowed to enter one piece 30"x30" or less in size. I chose to enter 'Twilight Birch Triptych' as it is a nice expression of my current style, and it met the size requirements. The opening was packed to say the least, as we went up to the balcony to view the exhibit at one point as it was almost impossible to move around! I took a photo which shows how many of the pieces are hung, on moveable walls, and it took us about an hour to view everything. The curator mentioned at the opening of the show that there is a 30% increase in artist memberships this year, showing that the art community is doing well and that many people are creating, viewing, enjoying, and purchasing art. A great time was had by all, please stop by the Depot sometime between now and March 18, 2012 to view the exhibit.

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