Friday, May 13, 2016

Spring Cardinals in the Wood

Spring cardinals in the wood painting by artist aaron kloss, painting of cardinals in birch trees in spring pointillism

This piece is titled Spring Cardinals in the Wood and was recently brought in to Lizzards Gallery in downtown Duluth, MN. I've recently enjoyed listening to all the birds around my house, the finches and robins being the most prominent, but I have yet to see the cardinals or hear their song. I'm starting to think the finches have something to do with this, as I have several dozen small brown finches emptying my thistle feeders and making a lot of noise and a big mess, but they are fun to watch with their chatter and jostling for the best perch at the feeder. The cardinals in today's painting are a bit more relaxed, no doubt talking about how the Minnesota Twins aren't doing so well this year haha. TGIF!

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