Monday, June 6, 2016

Man's Best Friends (Commission)

Man's Best Friends painting by duluth artist aaron kloss, house painting, painting of a house, custom dog painting
"Man's Best Friends" 
Today I'm featuring a post titled Man's Best Friends which is a 24"x24" canvas commissioned by a local resident. In the process of getting relocated due to a job, the person wanted to surprise his wife with a painting of their home that featured their two dogs on the front porch. This made for a fun challenge for me, and also a memorable gift of the home they loved. Sometimes life has unexpected surprises and new adventures, I know my next adventure will be a memorable one, I'll be sharing more on that this next week ... but hopefully I'll take time to play too, those dogs sitting on the front porch look like they're ready to play fetch.
Feel free to contact me in you'd like to talk about a custom painting for your home or business ... and also please visit my website for more examples of my work.
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