Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Blue Dragonfly

blue dragonfly painting by artist aaron kloss, painting of insect, painting of a dragonfly, pointillism,

Today's post, titled Blue Dragonfly, is the last of a three part series on 10x10" canvases recently delivered to Siiviis Gallery. I had a great time painting these, and actually they are the my first attempt at painting insects. Perhaps I'll continue with other insects as I find them so interesting with their shapes and colors.... I just don't know if people will collect them, but sometimes art isn't about selling and all that but about the simple act of creating. I need to return to that simple act from time to time when I'm busy with a large commission or preparing for an art show ... to return to that child like joy from my youth I had when drawing and painting ... and dreaming of one day being a full time artist. Sorry, I'm waxing poetic yet again, I'm off to the easel chasing that childhood dream ...

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