Monday, November 24, 2014

Moonlight Brilliance

"Moonlight Brilliance"  12"w x 24"h
I'm not much of an astronomer, but I do enjoy an evening sky. When the moon is full in the northwoods, it glows through the trees, casting shadows of trees, and truly is a joy to behold. There is also something particularly interesting about a full moon during the fall, it seems to glow brighter, and around this time every year I feel compelled to paint the moon, especially with deep blues such as are used in this 12"w x 24"h piece titled Moonlight Brilliance. The crisp white birches radiate the brightness of the moon, while the cool blues of the ridges and sky add the contrast that gives a night painting it's punch. There are also stars twinkling in the sky, lighting up the night. Please contact Your Art's Desire Gallery for additional information on this piece.

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